If you are a runner and a mummy as well, there is an option to combine the two – running stroller. You can put your child in and off you go. No need to worry about the childcare or giving up your running all together.

Check out some important tips on how to run with jogging stroller that is safe, easy and enjoyable for your baby and yourself.

1. Be sure that your child is over six months old

It is advised not to jog with a baby under six months old in a jogging stroller, unless the stroller has a seat adapter. Never ever run with a baby in a baby carriage. There are no straps in there and it’s not stable for the head, neck and any other part of little baby’s body to do so. Keeping your baby in a car seat will enable baby to be stable and will not allow the baby to bounce around. Or you can wait untill your baby is old enough to be sitting in a baby stroller and then start running together.

2. You need to get used to it

Running with a jogging stroller requires some practise. To start with, you may need to run slower than you are used to. You need to learn how to push this vehicle in front of you, go through the pavements, bumpy roads, etc. Your arms will not be swinging naturally on the sides as you will need to keep at least one arm on the stroleer all the time. You will need to push few more pounds in front of you, so it will not only be cardio but also some resistance workout. It all requires some time to get used to, so don’t be discouraged. The more you run with a stroller, the easier it will become. And you can go for a run whenever you want to, no need to worry about childcare any more 🙂

3. Lock the front wheel

Several jogging baby carriage have a permanent front wheel, while some have an option that allows the user to either lock or unlock the front wheel. It is much more secure to run with locked front wheel as this will avoid baby stroller to turn suddenly causing a crash. I wouldn’t recommend to even trying run without locked front wheel.

4. Make sure the baby is in the harness

The harness protects your baby not only from falling but also from getting shaken. As you are moving faster, the baby is at risk to move in the stroller much more too. Although you are not running with the maximum speed, the harness is there to protect your baby.

5. Always hold your hand on the stroller

Most strollers have a special strap you can put around your hand, to make sure you never lose control of it. Always keep your hand on the stroller, it’s not safe to run hands-free, you never know what may happen. You may rotate your hands, so you get to work both sides.

6. Watch out your pace

You may be running slower than without a stroller, which i completely normal especially at the beginning. You should not be going so fast that you could not be able to stop the stroller if needed.

7. Take baby and mummy essentials you may need 

Take everything you may need for yourself and a baby during the run – nappies, wipes, snacks, water, even a favourite toy if your child has one. Most of the jogging strollers have a basket below plus some holders or compartments for you to be able to keep the neccessary things. Keep the bottle of water for yourself in there as well for an easy access during your run.

8. It’s better to run after meal time and before nap time

It is good to schedule your run before nap time because the activity may put your baby to sleep. It is not fine to schedule your run before mealtime, when your baby is hungry and might not like to be seated inside the stroller.

9. Bundle your child in the cold weather

Keep in mind that since you are running, you will be warming up, but your baby will not. Minimize your run on extremely cold or hot weathers. If the weather is windy and cold, you can use a rain or wind protection for the stroller. In hot days, be sure that your baby is protected with sunscreen.

10. If you want to take part in a race, make sure they allow runners with jogging strollers

Several road races do not permit jogging strollers, so check it out before you sign up. Other races do allow strollers but they ask runners to begin at the back. You need to know that it may be quite challenging to pass by other runners especially when it’s narrow. It can be quite frustrating when you know that you can go faster but there is no way to do so. However, when other runners see you passing them by with a stroller – their face experssion and comments are priceless 😉 and for you – satisfaction guaranteed.

Running with a jogging stroller gives you the opportunity to enjoy running without the worry of organising childcare for your little one. You are not dependent on anyone, you can go for your run whenever you want to. You can get out of the house and both yourself and your little baby will benefit from fresh air. So, go and get a jogging stroller and let’s meet on one of the running routes 🙂

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