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Create the Business & Life You Love   

If you have a desire in your heart it’s meant for you, otherwise it wouldn’t be there in the first place. Consider it’s done my dear and get ready to step up into the higher version of you.

~ Alex Grzybek ~

Hey Gorgeous!

You have Big Vision

being the best version of you, making an impact, 

running successful online business, which gives you a ton of satisfaction and $$$

However now it feels more like:

  • you’ve taken hundreds of courses to grow your business, yet somehow it doesn’t work for you
  • invested tons of money in best experts, yet still waiting when it’s gonna click for you
  • putting your heart and soul into your business, working days in days out but still no success here
  • keep attracting freebie seekers, who have no intention to invest to work with you whatsoever
  • getting wonderful testimonials, people thanking you for changing their lives only to find out they haven’t paid you a dime
  • questioning “what’s wrong with me” because it seems like you’re doing all the right things but with zero results
  • wondering how on earth you got to this place – with such a great potential, knowledge, experience and clients’ transformation at hand, yet each month you’re stressed about how to pay your bills 

Sounds familiar?

I know, I’ve been there. 

Crying my eyes out, wondering how much longer I can keep going…

Now imagine… How would it feel to…

Having clarity on how to run your business on your terms (bye bye struggle and burnout)

Believing that all you want wants you and that you can and will create the business and life you love

Defining your magnetic messaging to attract the clients you are excited to work with

Creating only the offers that give you and your clients goosebumps (and extraordinary transformation) 

Enrolling clients, who adore you and tell their friends how freakin amazing you are

Selling out your programs with ease and being financially rewarded for it as you want and deserve  

Making a peace with technology and structures even if you’re not that tech savvy 

Feeling grounded, at ease and in flow with all you do (and yes having that work and life balance back!) 

Experiencing unlimited flow of abundance coming your way

It’s All Possible For YOU 

Often people attempt to live their lives backwards: they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want, so they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse.

You must first BE who you really are, then DO what you really need to do, in order to HAVE what you want. 

Women come to me because… 

Women come to me because they feel stuck. They’ve done a massive work to birth their dream business, yet they can’t get clients. They keep testing all the strategies out there, feeling disappointed and frustrated it doesn’t work for them.

I’m here to show them proven system to attract ideal clients and make money in their business without struggle and burnout.

You can read their results here, but first imagine – you having that dream business, working only with dream clients and being financially rewarded for it. Imagine how much more security, freedom and satisfacion you have.

Suddenly it turns out that money is not a problem any more – you can have any holidays you like (any time you want), move into that beutiful house, secure the future of your family. 

Suddently it turns out that you don’t feel depressed at the end of the month when you need to pay your bills, because money flows in abundance. You have the time to play with your kids, do your favourite sport and contribute to your favourite charity  (imagine signing up that huge cheque!) 

These are just expamples, because only you know what dreams you’ve got and what possibilities money and business you love can give you. 

Sounds too good to be true? Unreal?

It’s yours for the taking. 

Here’s how I will support you:

SPOT what’s not working

I see what’s not working very quickly. They say “we don’t know what we don’t know”, so I’m here to show you these blinspots. I can see what’s holding you back and what twists you need to make in order to create massive changes. 

CREATE systems & automations

There’s nothing better than running your business on autopilt, waking up to see all these beautiful clients ready to work with you, right? Together we’ll do that for you. 

MAKE it simple

I know how to break all complicated, business related stuff down into simple steps and creating a plan to attract clients and make money.

And yes, that includes technology. 


BUILD your expert position

You have important message to share but maybe you’re afraid to go out there and let the world about it. I’m here to help you believe in yourself and make that quantum leap outside your comfort zone.

SAVE you years of 

trial and error

I’ve tested hundreds and one things in the business world. Each one gave me a better understanding of what works and what’s waste of time. You don’t need to make my mistakes, I’ll give you a shorcut.

HOLD you accountable

Very often we know what do do but the problem is that we dont do it. I’m here to give you a helping hand when you need it the most and and believe in you when you don’t feel like it. I’ll cheer on you as well as kick your bottom when needed.

Let’s do this

1:1 Business Mentoring

Ths is where you get the most support to grow your business on your terms. Within 12 weeks of 1:1 mentorship we will cover Mindset & Confidence, Energy and Startegy to align your business with your desires and to hit your goals in efortless way. 

Investment: £3000. By application only.

Have further questions?

Alex sprinkled some magic fairy dust over me during my launch, talked me through the strategy and helped me map out the actions I needed to take in the time I had left. I thoroughly recommend Alex – she knows exactly what’s involved and what’s needed to succeed in business. Not only that, she knows how you’re feeling and is able to show you what’s possible.

Fay Blakey – Business Coach

If you’re looking to increase your confidence, follow your heart desire, achieve your goals, Alex is The Coach to work with. She will take you for a wonderful journey of discovering new you, your unique strengths and abilities. She will support and motivate you all the way in your life transformation.

Marta Kiermacz Abramek – Life & Mindset Coach

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