Shine in Career

Studies show that CONFIDENCE is more important than COMPETENCE when it comes to getting a job and climbing the corporate ladder!


  • do you want to get the job you dream about and the one you deserve?
  • do you need support writing your professional CV and Cover Letter?
  • do you want to prepare professionally for your job interview?
  • do you want to be confident in your professional life?
  • do you want to feel respected and listened to in your work place?


You’re in the right place.

I spent last 15 years in Poland, Ireland and UK, where I worked in managerial positions and started my business in English. I have been responsible for recruitment processes in different industires, so I know what recruiters pay most attention to and what counts on the job market. 

I help amitious professionals like you believe in themselves and take career in their own hands, so that their professional life brings them joy and satisfaction.


Do you know that the mail job of your CV is to land you a job interview?

So, if you’re sending tons of CV but your phone doesn’t ring, there’s a problem.

You need to make sure that your CV stands out from the competition and grabs attention of the recruiter or employer.

I help you make your CV and Cover Letter look impressive and land you an interview.

I do documents in English and Polish.

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Do you know that job interview is a sales meeting, during which you need to persuade the recruiter to hire you and only YOU?

I help you prepare for your job interview at a high level.

We go through all interview questions, help you improve your confidence, to stand out from the crowd and to get the job you want.

Full package: 2-3 x 60 min one to one session, extra materials, confidence and presentation session.

I do sessions in English and Polish.

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Do you know the secret to speak English?

The secret to be able to speak English is to practise SPEAKING ENGLISH. Taaa daaa. Mastery revealed.

I believe that grammar and all the stuff we learn at school are important, but if you don’t talk, you’ll never be able to communicate in this language. Period!

During our lessons, we TALK –  ALL THE TIME.

I do sessions in English and Polish.

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I got his job !!! I still can’t believe it, but it couldn’t be any different. You helped me increase my confidence, I believed that I could speak better and smash that interview. You corrected all my mistakes and helped me prepare professional answers but most importantly – to believe in myself (!!!). Thank you, I feel so grateful. After tens of interviews over the last 2 months and continous rejections, I began to sabotage myself and question all of my skills. However, that last interview went great. I’ll write this achievement down in my notebook, so I can remember this moment.


I got the job I wanted so much! I managed to do so thanks to working with you and participating in your course, and also thanks to your numerous webinars, podcasts and books you recommended. It was the whole proces for me – changing the way of thinking, building self-confidence and overcoming doubts that prevented me from making decision to change my job. When I compare myself now to where I was a year ago, I’m sooo happy and grateful that I had the chance to work with you. Because I’m sure that if I hadn;t participated in all of this, I wouldn’t have been where I am now… Thank you very much for everything!


I got a job in a company I had been dreaming about since the beginning of my studies. And I started out not believing in myself and was afraid to even submit my CV. After each session I felt like everything is within my reach. Alex helped me in the most difficult moments – prepare for my job interview in English, coaching, words of support. I think it would not be possible without her knowlegde, her energy and her positive attitude to any situation. Thanks to her I believed that my goals and dreams can be achieved. Her confidence is inspiring. She’s the person in the right place and I’m glad I have met her.


Alex is amazing. Thanks to her I was perfectly prepared for a job interview, and as a result I got the job! She caught all my mistakes, helped me improve my confidence, and shared advices, which are based on her experience, and most importantly – they work! She can bring out the best of us, which we sometimes don’t realize. She is very nice and creates friendly atmosphere from the beginning, every minute of our meeting was very valuable.


My CV is phenomenal. I don’t know what words to use to describe your great work. You’re a master, I’m very happy to have such a perfectly written CV.


Alex is outstanding. Our sessions before my interview were very helpful and so important for me to finally feel confident. She provided me with materials, so that I could be well prepared and smash the interview later on. After our conversations I believed in myself what was crucial in getting a job. I highly recommend sessions with her not only if you’re going to get a job but also when you want to find your self-confidence.


I got the job !!! After months of waiting…Thank you very much for your support in preparation for my job interbiew. Even though it was last minute, you managed to help. First of all, after our consultations, I felt more confident with my English, and therefore I was not afraid to speak, even when making mistakes. You have a lot of positive energy that inspires and motivates others to act. I will say it again – you’re doing a great job.


Alex is exactly the person I was looking for. When it comes to Business English and preparation for my new job in English, I wanted someone that has first hand experience in international environment. She’s been working with native speakers in Ireland and UK for over 10 years and she shares her knowledge with generosity.


Alex is the best tutor I have ever had. I admire her English skills. She is extremely supportive, especially if I have difficulties with my English and sometimes I want to give up. She believes in my abilities, she encourages me, she lifts me up. She helped me prepare for a job interview, I got few job offers that I can choose from. She also has a bubbly personality and a lot of good energy. . She is not just a tutor she is your best friend.