English Lessons

Want to improve your English?

  • do you want to be able to communicate in English with confidence and ease?
  • do you want to apply for that dream job but you’re scared to death of that interview in English?

  • do you need support writing your CV and Cover Letter in English?

  • do you want to improve your Business English, so you can communicate with your work colleagues and business partners from different countries?

  • are you a coach, who wants to start working on a global market but you’re missing professional coaching vocabulary in English? 

In all cases I can help. I do conversations in English for Poles.

The secret to be able to speak English is to practise SPEAKING ENGLISH. Taaa daaa. Mastery revealed. I believe that grammar and all the stuff we learn at school are important, but if you don’t talk, you’ll never be able to communicate in this language. Period!

During our lessons, we TALK –  ALL THE TIME. I don’t care if your level is “kali chcieć, kali mieć” – I want you to speak, not thinking for 5 minutes about putting the “perfect” sentence together. 

So, let’s go on a journey to make you speak English once and for all. 

I have been doing lessons with Alex for 6 months. I have noticed that I am getting more confident with my speaking skills. Alex is the best tutor I have ever had. I admire her English skills. She is extremely supportive, especially if I have difficulties with my English and sometimes I want to give up. She believes in my abilities, she encourages me, she lifts me up. She also has a bubbly personality and a lot of good energy. I really enjoy the lessons with Alex. She is not just a tutor she is your best friend.


I started to LEARN English many times in the past. Every effort FAILED. I found Alex advertisement and made a decision: “This is my last trial”. Before I started lessons with Alex I had UNDERSTOOD articles in newspapers and COULD watch English films but I had a problem with real conversations. Have you ever felt that you understand everything but you can’t answer a question? It was my problem. I felt a fear of speaking. After six MONTHS everything CHANGED. I am more confident with my speaking skills. I SPEND time in RELAXING atmosphere without stress. We SPEAK about business and general topics. After lessons I always receive feedback. She has a great approach to students. I highly recommend working with Alex.


Alex is an excellent English teacher. And actually she can be a great support for you if you struggle with your English but at same time her positive attitude and coaching skills help you to build your confidence much wider than only improving language abilities. Highly recommend working with Alex.


I am very happy that I met Alex. I was looking for a good conversation teacher who has contact with “live” English. I’m not disappointed. She is a real professional with a great approach to every student. Lessons are a pleasure, without stress in a relaxed atmosphere. We talk about everything from business topics to a simple “nothing” chat until you want more. I definitely recommend her as a tutor.


Alex is a go to person whether you want to improve communication in English or prepare for a job interview. She knows exactly what she is talking about and shares the little tips that make a big difference. She is professional, knowledgeable and at the same time really nice and funny. 


Alex is a good teacher. High level of professionalism. I like classes with Alex, we can talk about everything what is very important to me in improving my everyday language. I recommend to everyone.