#1 Guide for online business owners, who want to be fully booked with clients!

Cheat Sheet "3 Fastest Ways To Get Paying Clients In Your Online Business"

Do you often feel like:
  • you have big passion, started your business around it, have this drive to help others but struggle to attract clients?
  • you show up on social media, do lives, create freebies, workshops but just handful people sign up? 
  • you provide real transformation for your clients but this whole marketing and sales thing is just way too difficult?

this cheat sheet will help YOU
  • understand one skill that will attract your ideal clients (the single most important thing that most coaches and consultants get wrong !)
  • discover how one simple page brings you money immediately
  • learn the best way to position yourself as an expert, connect with your tribe and turn followers into paying clients 

About the Author

Alex Grzybek - confidence & business mentor, host of Confidence Rockstar podcast. Over the last few years she started 3 online businesses, all from "I have no idea how to do it" to make money in all of them.

3 years ago her life turned upside down multiple times. When she walked out of the hospital in July 2019 she had no job, no business, no income and her self-confidence was non-existent.

She went from hitting rock bottom to moving to Spain, which is a dream come true, rebranding her business, tripling her income in the mid of pandemic and creating the lifestyle that she can work from anywhere in the world.

She helps female enterpreneurs grow their courage and turn their passion into profitable online business, so they can work from anywhere in the world. She shows them how to turn followers into paying clients through online events, even if they are not tech savvy. 

What others say about Alex...

Fay Blakey

Business Coach 

I had a session with Alex when I was launching my new group programme and she sprinkled some magic fairy dust over me. She talked me through the strategy for the rest of my launch and helped me map out the actions I needed to take in the time I had left. She knows exactly what's needed, how you’re feeling and is able to show you what’s possible. 

Marta Kiermacz-Abramek

Life & Mindset Coach

If you’re looking to increase your confidence, follow your heart desire, achieve your goals, Alex is The Coach to work with. She will take you for a wonderful journey of discovering your unique strengths and abilities and support you all the way in your life transformation.

Just imagine...
  • how would it feel to have a waiting list of clients, who can't wait to work with you...?
  • how would it feel to wake up to the messages from potential clients in your inbox... ?
  • You are amazing at what you do. So, it's time to be finacially rewarded for it.

You're just one step away to get this


"3 Fastest Ways to Get Paying Clients in Your Online Business" 

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