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"How to ROCK Your Next Job Interview" 

Tuesday 22nd September 2020 at 7pm BST

Everything you need to know to shine:

  • Find out how to overcome the fear of a job interview 
  • Learn typical questions asked during the job interview and proven ways to answer them 
  • Discover 3 most common mistakes, which may sabotage your success
  • Learn most useful job interview phrases and vocabulary
  • Discover how to present yourself and as the confident candidate, who gets that job                                                                                             

About the Author:

Alex Grzybek - confidence & career coach, mentor, host of Confidence Rockstar podcast, English tutor, marathoner.

She spent last 12 years in US, Ireland and UK, where she worked in managerial positions and started her business in English. She has been responsible for recruitment processes in different industires, so she knows what recruiters pay most attention to and what counts on the job market. 

Alex helps amitious professionals believe in themselves and take career in their own hands, so that their professional life brings them joy and satisfaction. She prepares candidates for job interviews in English at a high level. Thanks to this they gain an adventage over the competition, and get the job they dreamed of and deserve.  

What others say about Alex...


Alex is amazing. Thanks to her I was perfectly prepared for a job interview, and as a result I got the job! She caught all my mistakes, helped me improve my confidence, and shared advices, which are based on her experience, and most importantly- they work! She can bring out the best of us, which we sometimes don't realize. She is very nice and creates friendly atmosphere from the beginning, every minute of our meeting was very valuable.


Alex is amazing in what she does. Not only she helped me improve my English and went through all possible interview questions. She also shared her knowledge as a coach to make me feel more confident and to present myself in the best possible way during my interview.


Alex is a go to person to prepare your for your interview in English. She knows exactly what she is talking about and shares the little tips that make a big difference. She is professional, knowledgeable and at the same time really nice and funny. Full package - Business English, Job Interview and Confidence Coaching! 

Got the job, of course.


I got his job !!! I still can’t believe it, but it couldn’t be any different. You helped me increase my confidence, I believed that I could speak better and smash that interview. You corrected all my mistakes and helped me prepare professional answers but most importantly – to believe in myself (!!!). Thank you, I feel so grateful. After tens of interviews over the last 2 months and continous rejections, I began to sabotage myself and question all of my skills. However, that last interview went great. I’ll write this achievement down in my notebook, so I can remember this moment. 

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