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“5 Secrets to Eliminate Self-Doubt and Build Confidence”

Sunday 28th February 2021 at 8pm CET  


  • the biggest challenges holding you back from going for your dreams and exact steps on how to overcome them
  • how to ditch self doubt for good and unleash your inner brilliance 
  • my 5-Step Confidence Rockstar Formula to train your thoughts, grow your courage and start living your life with confidence

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About the Author:

Alex Grzybek – confidence & success coach, business and career mentor, host of Confidence Rockstar podcast, mama, marathoner.

Back in 2019 year her life turned upside down multiple times, both professionally and personally. She was devastated time after time again. When she walked out of the hospital in July 2019 her income was zero and her self-confidence was non-existent.  

She went from hitting rock bottom in terms of her confidence to moving to Spain, which is a dream come true, rebranding her business, starting a new one and tripling her income in the middle of pandemic. 

She helps people unleash their brilliance and grow their confidence, so they can take action on behalf of their dreams. She shows how to excel in careers, start and succeed in business and create the life you desire.

What others say about Alex…

If you’re looking to increase your confidence, follow your heart desire, achieve your goals, Alex is The Coach to work with. She will take you for a wonderful journey of discovering new you, your unique strengths and abilities. She will support and motivate you all the way in your life transformation.


Life&Mindset Coach

I got his job !!! I still can’t believe it, but it couldn’t be any different. You helped me increase my confidence, I believed that I could speak better and smash that interview. You helped me prepare professional answers but most importantly – to believe in myself (!!!). After tens of interviews over the last 2 months and continous rejections, I began to sabotage myself and question all of my skills. However, that last interview went great. 

Ula Szela

Before I met you, I lost hope… since working with you miracles happen… things that I’ve been waiting for for moths are finally coming to life. I found the strength I thought I lost forever. I don’t understand what’s going on, it’s unbelievable. You said, when I start with me, things around would change too. I didn’t really believe it at first but I started applying what we’ve been working on. And I’m beyond grateful.

Karolina Frycie

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