Close Clients from Webinars with WEBINAR ROCKSTAR FORMULA

Are you a coach, consultant, service-based entrepreneur struggling to get consistent flow of clients (and money !!) in your business? THIS PROGRAM is for you to learn how to build highly-converting webinars and attract paying clients with ease, even if you're afraid of public speaking and not that tech savvy. Whether you’re a newbie to webinars or you’ve done them before (but maybe results were far from expected), this training is like webinars on steroids !!!

Do You Want to Put Your Webinars on FIRE 

and Turn Attendees Into Paying Clients?

Hell YES!

However... now you feel more like:

  • you've never done webinars before and have no idea where to start
  • you've done webinars before but it was a total disaster and you prefer to forget all about it
  • you've hosted somehow ok-ish webinars (at least that's what you thought) but they led to no clients or sales whatsoever
  • you've worked so hard to put it all together, dedicated time, energy, money ... but the results were just not there (and you were crying your eyes out asking "what the heck is wrong with me?")
  • you feel confused with the strategies out there, especially because all "the experts" say different, oftentimes completely opposite things
  • you feel overwhelmed with the technical bits, how to connect all the aps and platforms together
  • you're afraid to speak in front of others because, come on!, you're not a born speaker, and what if people actually hate you?
  • you wonder if webinars can really work and if they're worth the husstle... 

I hear you. Been there. Know the pain, crying too...


Webinars helped me go from zero business & zero clients to 

trippling my income goal in just few short months, 

creating a business I can run from anywhere, 

and selling on autopilot when I sleep.

Some people say webinars are dead

I disagree. 

I STILL see webinars as THE MOST effective strategy to CONNECT with people and CONVERT them into paying clients. Whether you sell digital products, online courses, group programs, one to one packages, coaching, mentoring, healing sessions - you can SELL IT ALL from webinars. That means cash in your business baby (let's face it, if you don't sell, you don't have a business).

Btw. It's me on this picture with the reward for the results in online sales. 

Not only that. Webinars do help you build your brand, position you as the expert in your field, increase your credibilty, connect deeper with people globally, make bigger impact.

Plus - you never know who is watching !! - webinars open up the doors of unlimited opportunities for collaborations, media exposures, book and blog contributions, podcast features, summit presence, speaking gigs (online and offline) and so much more...

Once You Start HOSTING YOUR OWN WEBINARS - The Sky Is The Limit !!


Be absolutely convinced that webinars will put your business on fire and to develop unshakable confidence that You Too Can ROCK Your Webinars (with ease and joy).

Understand what works in webinar world and what's a total waste of time, saving you years of trial and error. That includes making peace with technology too, we make things simple.

Learn Dos and Don'ts of webinars that will set you apart from competition - how to connect deeply with your audience making them feel understood, so they want to invest to work with you.

Attract the right people !! connect with them and convert them into paying clients with your irresistible offer (and what's more how to repeat this process over and over again)

In 8 weeks of LIVE program

Webinar Rockstar Formula we'll cover:


Module 1: Mindset & Energy for Rockstar Webinar 

We'll discover your zone of genius and get clarity on what your webinar will be about. We'll go through mindset work to get rid of any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. We'll also dive into energy behind every successful webinar, the secret sauce that makes all the difference. All to set you up for success from the very beginning. 


Module 2: Spread Your Wings 

Here we'll cover all the essential elements of highly-converting Sign-up Page for your webinar, including super awesome title!!, benefits on why it's worth attending, and more, so people will be like "Hell Yes, sign me up". The right people. We'll connect it with your e-mail list and automate the process, so it works while you sleep. You literally wake up to people on your list excited about your training.


Module 3: Let the World Know About Your Freakin Awesome Webinar

Here we'll let the world about your wonderful webinar to attract the right people, who can't wait to listen to what you want to share. We'll go through tens of methods including organic and paid traffic, so you can choose the ones which resonate with you the most. I told you - we'll do it on your terms.


Module 4: Making It Happen 

We'll go through your webinar step by step, teaching you how to create powerful presentation, in which order, what to say and when, what to avoid, etc. The purpose here is to position yourself as an expert and to connect with people, so they get to know you, like you and trust you. They feel you understand them (because you speak literally as the voice in their head) and can help them. 


Module 5: Create Irresistible Offer

We'll go through different offers available to sell from webinars, choose the one that is best for your audience and you now, and we'll make it a no-brainer for them to say YES. Once they feel that you're a missing puzzle to their success, you'll be ready to present your offer during webinar with ease (without feeling salesy)


Module 6: Create Magnetic Communication 

Here we'll focus on how to communicate with your audience through powerful e-mails and posts before webinar. The goal is to attract the right people, make them show up and convert into paying clients. We'll also cover what to do after the webinar to maximize conversions.


Module 7: Become a Powerful Speaker 

Speaking is truly an art as it has the power to motivate, inspire, make a significant impact and totally transform people's lives. Yet it's also number one fear for so many. Here we'll cover how to become confident and charismatic speaker, how to put your message across, so people feel connected to you and inspired to take action.


Module 8: Technology Working in Your Favor

We'll go through tech aspects and you'll be surprised how you can make it really simple. I'm a fan of making things work for you, not the other way around. You'll learn different options on how to run webinars that won't make you broke and you'll make peace with technology even if you're not that tech savvy. 

How do we do it? What's included?

We start in September 2023

8 x  weekly teaching calls

(value £997.00)

Where we'll go through Webinar Rockstar Formula step by step. I'll teach you all you need to know to plan and host your webinar and to convert. 

8 x weekly Q+A calls

(value £797.00)

Where you can ask me any questions related to the material we cover. I'll guide you, inspire you to take action and hold you accountable. I go deeply into each case (it's almost like 1:1 session with me). That means you won't ever be alone with implementation. 

FB Group with support + Extra resources 

(value £400.00)

Support in closed (participants only!) Facebook Group, where you can ask questions, share your wins and support each other. Extra resources - which will help you put your knowledge into practice and change the way you run your business - with ease and having fun along the way.



Bonus #1 - VIP 1:1 CALL WITH ALEX GRZYBEK (value £297.00) 

Personalized one to one session with Alex Grzybek to have her eyes on your business to spot what's needs improvement to make you successful. THIS IS FOR THE FIRST 3 PEOPLE ONLY (so you need to act fast! !)


Bonus #2 - SALES CALL TRAINING (value £297.00)

Sales Call Training with the Expert - a total step by step process on how to run sales call to close client. This is GOLD!


Bonus #3 - MONEY MINDSET TRAINING (value £197.00)

Money Mindset Masterclass - to overcome limiting money stories, which may be holding you back and stopping you to reach next level in your business. This training will help you increase your prices and recieve abundance of money. Oh YES!!

Are You Ready To Become a WEBINAR ROCKSTAR?

I invite you for 8 WEEKS GROUP TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE  to learn highly effective strategy to have consistent flow of clients (and money!) in your business. Think about the impact you'll make, transformation you'll provide, money you'll earn and satisfaction you'll get. Just picture this. I know you can see it clearly and feel it deeply. Let's do this!  

Total value: £2985.00



Webinar rockstar formula

Total Value £2985.00

  • 8 x Weekly Teaching Calls
  •  8 x Weekly Q+A Calls
  • Access to Private Facebook Group 
  • Extra Resources
  • Bonus #1: VIP 1:1 Call (first 3 people)
  • Bonus #2: Sales Call Training 
  • Bonus #3: Money Mindset Training
  • Lifetime Access
regular course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

Why Work With Me?

⭐ I'm a certified business success mentor helping ambitious coaches, consultants, service-based entrepreneurs THRIVE in online business.

⭐ I went from hitting rock bottom in 2019 to rebuilding my online business in few months, and created a location independent lifestyle.

⭐ Over the last couple of years I've hosted hundreds of webinars, masterclasses, challenges - all from "I have no idea how to make it happen" to trippling my income in the mid of a pandemic, and growing from there. 

⭐ I've hosted live and automated webinars

I've tested A LOT, know what's working and what's not, so will save you years of trial and error.

⭐ I MAKE THINGS SIMPLE. Yes, I'll show you how to do it, even if you're not tech savvy. 

I say it as it is, no BS.

⭐ I cover Mindset, Confidence, Energy and Strategy - Super Rockstar Combo

⭐ I Love what I do, I Know what I do and I do CARE about YOUR results.

⭐ My clients say that I always overdeliver.

I hold you accountable, so you do what you say you're going to do (or I'll kick your bottom ;)

Fay Blakey

Business Coach

I had a session with Alex when I was launching my new group programme. She helped me map out the actions plus she sprinkled some magic fairy dust over me because, with my new energy, results from the launch completely exceeded my expectations. 

Alex is my Rockstar, I had no idea about online world or technology and she helped me set everything up quickly and smoothly. She knows what works, how to connect all the platforms together, so you don't feel lost at all. 

Florencia zulberti

Health Coach


💎 You don't want to be in the same place as now (struggling to get clients) next year

💎 You're ready to learn proven formula

💎 You're ready to take action

💎 You're ready to implement what you learn

💎 You're committed to do the work, even if you don't feel like it sometimes 

💎 You're ready to make a change for good


❌ You're not ready to do the work

❌ You're waiting for the magic to do this for you 

❌ You want to stay stuck and fall into victim-hood

❌ You're waiting for the perfect moment to be ready 

❌ You don't believe it can work 

❌ You keep thinking about all different strategies but never really follow through

❌ You want to complain and blame others why it's not working 

One problem is that people don't know what to do. 

Second problem is that they don't do what they need to do.

I cover both.

I teach you what to do and I hold you accountable, so you never feel alone.  

 That's why you SUCCEED.

Alex grzybek 

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