Life is busy, especially mummy’s life. It’s a constant rollercoaster, oftentimes your day doesn’t go as planned, well…most of the times there’s something crazy happening and you just need to go with the flow. Sounds familiar? Even if you have the best intentions to fit your workout into your busy schedule… the day goes by and it’s over. You just couldn’t do it.

There’s a hope for this. I would like to invite you to join a morning club (5am, 6am club, whatever works for you), when you wake up earlier and do your workout first thing in the morning.


1. Your family is sleeping

Yes, they’re all sleeping, your kids, your partner, so the house is quiet, you can do your workout without any interruptions, without any drama, without any “Mummy I need you”. This is the time on your own, your ME time, when you can clearly focus on yourself. You don’t need to train for hours, you can do 30 min intense and effective workout and that’s all you need. For real.

2. You remove toxins out of your body

During the night toxins cumulate in your body, so the first thing you need to do when you wake up (well maybe second after you go to the bathroom ;)) is to drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon It helps detoxifying your body. When you add up morning workout to it and you’ll be sweating, you’ll get rid of those toxins much faster and much better. Your body will be cleaned, and you’ll feel more energised.

3. You lose weight

When you train in the morning before breakfast, your body will be taking the energy from fat, not from food you’ve just eaten. You’ll be losing weight and that will be fat loss not muscle loss. And that’s exactly what you want, right?

4. You’re done with it

When you train first thing in the morning, you’re done with it for the day. You don’t need to stress out when you’ll squeeze your workout, whether you’re too tired in the evening to do so or whether your family allows you to do this. It’s done, it’s ticked, and you can be so proud of yourself.

5. You feel energised and ready to rock the world

The worst part is to get up but once you do this and start exercising, you feel so much better. The blood is pumping, there’s release of serotonin – these happy hormones. You’re more energised, you’re much stronger, you have the power for the day to rock the world. Exercises also impacts your brain, you’re more productive, more creative, you’ll have more done in a day. It affects all areas of your life. Have you ever heard the expression of „being in a zone”? That’s exactly it.

Check it out yourself Mama and tell me how you’re doing. I believe in you. Good luck !!!

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