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Welcome to 8th episode of Confidence Rockstar Podcast.

In this episode I’m bringing an amazing guest Linda Attram. For the past 20 years Linda Attram has been running successful property businesses including a multi-million pound property portfolio & is the Founder of Mothers in Business. Linda is a devoted mother of ‘Three Precious Diamonds’ , meticulous businesswoman, author and a public speaker and a 1st Dan Black Belt in the martial art of Taekwondo. She understands the challenges entrepreneurial mothers face & that is why she created ‘Mothers in Business’; to provide a platform for them to grow & feel supported and to create the life they desire and deserve. Linda’s Mission is to Inspire and Empower Women Globally to Be More and Achieve More.

In this episode we’ve talked about: Mothers in Business – Creating the Life You Desire and Deserve

It’s very honest and powerful interview, where we talked about challenges that women face when they become mothers and  how to sucessfully combine motherhood with business.

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Here are some of the highlights of this episode:

  • Linda sharing her story with us, her journey from humble beginnings, very shy girl, who lacked confidence, self-esteem and identity, who left school with very little education but with a burning desire to change. How she re-educated herself, which led to 18 year career in Human Resources Management, becoming a mother of three and creating a successful property businesses including a multi-million pound property portfolio.
  • Linda’s challenges as a mother, feeling lonely and losing her identity and why she was afraid of saying it out loud
  • Why and how Linda started Mothers in Business – to inspire women globaly that they have the right to feel the way she was feeling and how to change it
  • Linda’s view on combining motherhood with successful business – is it possible? how to make it happen? and how to be happy mother and successful business owner at the same time
  • The biggest struggle for mothers when it comes to starting their own business and how to overcome it
  • How Linda helps women suffering with low self-esteem and low confidence
  • Linda’s number one tip for mothers to increase their confidence
  • Linda’s golden nuggets for mothers to start their own business
  • Why women cannot sacrifice their identity when they become mothers, how it affects our children and future generations

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Mothers in Business Training Event – 14/03/2020 London/UK

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