If you’re like most mums, ba most women…you’ve probably tried many diets over your lifetime. Some worked, some didn’t but if you’re still trying to lose weight, that most likely means that they didn’t give you lasting results. Maybe you even ended up with JoJo effect.

There is no such a thing as ideal diet for everyone as everyone is different. However, there are some basic healthy eating principles that will give you long lasting results.

Let me share with you 3 things that may be keeping you stuck on your weight loss journey:

1. You skip breakfast

I know, you may tell me that you’re not hungry in the morning or that you’re too busy to eat breakfast, I hear you. But let me tell you, if you skip breakfast you won’t lose weight. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Period. Eating breakfast wakes up your body, and your mind and gives you the energy to start a day. It increases your metabolism too !!! If you skip breakfast, you will consume twice as much for lunch. That’s proven.

If you’re not hungry in the morning, check out what you had for dinner last night and what time that dinner was. Most likely heavy meal and late in the evening. That’s a recipe for a disaster. First, your body can’t digest that food properly, second – your body won’t be able to rest as it’s digesting the meal, so you will wake up tired, third – that will slow down your metabolism and increase the chances of weight gain.

You don’t want to do that. Check out your daily eating habit and reverse the cycle. You will see the difference.

For breakfast – eat porridge with fruits or shake with plant milk/yoghurt, avocado, and banana or seed roll with boiled egg and vegetables.

2. You don’t eat regularly

Again, I know you tell me that you can’t eat regularly, you have no time to do so, etc. but again, let me tell you – if you don’t eat regularly you won’t lose weight.

Why? If your body doesn’t get food at certain times, as once it’s every 2 hours, once every 7 hours, it doesn’t trust you and will keep storing food for later (just in case you won’t provide any). When I heard it for the very first time, I could not believe it, but really, that changed my life. If you eat regularly, your body knows that every few hours it will get food and energy, so it can burn what’s coming.

Eating 5 meals a day, every few hours feeds your body, helps to sustain energy level and increases your metabolism.

3. You think carbs won’t make you fat

You’ve probably heard that fat makes you fat. But did you know that carbs can make you fat faster than fat? Aha! Carbs increase glucose (sugar) level in the bloodstream, followed by insulin release to transport that glucose to every cell of the body. Depending on what you eat – this process may last shorter or longer, and it’s measured by GI (glycemic index). Products with high GI (sweets, white flour) makes rapid glucose spike. Your body only needs a certain amount of glucose so that any excess will be converted into fat!

Also – fast glucose increase will lead to fast glucose decrease, affecting you feeling hungry again, eating again and same thing happening repeatedly. The most important aspect of losing weight is to stabilize glucose level and eating products with low GI (veggies, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, etc.). Then glucose is released slower, making you feel full for much longer.

Carbs (low GI) – wholemeal bread, brown rice, brown pasta, veggies, some fruits

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